The Original Patented Hungarian Saltpipe

Invented in Hungary, the Saltpipe® harnesses the natural healing power of salt cave therapy in a handheld porcelain salt pipe. The salt pipe is a dry salt inhaler incorporating two ceramic filters which encloses 50-60 grams of selected Halite salt crystals. Its unique ergonomic design makes it both comfortable and convenient to use.

The Saltpipe® comes with crystal salt inside the pipe lasts up to 5 years based on daily usage.

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Medical reports

Observations: The application of the Saltpipe is effective even in case of cronic upper respiratory illnesses
Dr. Hegyi Gabriella MD.PhD. (Yamamoto Institute for Rehabilitation)

In two cases, the parents experienced that the relief from the asthmatic seizures come sooner and the torturing coughing ended faster. In two cases the frequency of seizures decreased
Dr. Ferenc Pátz Pulmonologist

The secretion-discharge is easier and so, the breathing of the patient becomes more relieved. I also observed that the speed of the air-stream in the small bronchial tubes accelerated which results in an easier breathing. I find the application fo the Saltpipe indisputably beneficial.
Dr. Burzuk Valéria doctor

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What's Inside The Saltpipe?


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I've been suffering from allergies for almost 3 years, particularly in the Indian Summer period and unfortunatelly my symptoms are getting more and more intense.... since I'm using it, my symptoms have weakened.
Yours sincerely: Anna Kisházi

I've been allergic for about 8 years now. Since I am using the Saltpipe I don't have to take pills anymore, my symptoms decreased to a minimum level. I am grateful for you for this wonderful little instrument!
Judit Kaspár, Budapest 30 years old

I've been having troubles for 20 years with very intense allergies - which came to light during a medical examination - to different animal hairs (fur), further more to flower pollens... When summer came, the regular seizures arrive at all, as a matter of fact, summer went on without symptoms.
Péter Kern

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