Letters of thanks


We would like to say thanks   in the name of the "Association For The Recovery Of Asthmatic Children" (Az Asztmás Gyerekek Gyógyulásáért Egyesület), to Mr. László Budai, and to Mr. Imre Békefi, inventor and distributor gentlemen, and, for the representatives of the Sópipa Pharma Ltd. for the Saltpipe inhaler sets that they offered for our association. The four instruments which were transferred to us by the All-Hy Bt., Mr. István Dobos, we donated to those asthmatic children, with whom the symptoms of respiratory organs were dominant. Many of our members have also purchased the instrument at the retail store of All-Hy Bt. After one or three months of application our little patients reported spectacular improvements. The parents informed us about the decreasing complaints in connection with choking respiratory symptoms, and drop in the number of the seasonally or perennially existing hayfever, as well as the rarefactioning of night-time coughing. Many of them could decrease or even completely abandon the their dose of antihistamine, and inhalational medicines. I am interpreting to you the gratitude of the of those children's parents who are using the Saltpipes. They thank you for the opportunity of possessing such a great applience through which the lifestyle of their children could be improved. Trusting in the further co-operation, we will continuously inform you about our programs in our promotional handouts and we will highlight you in those as our sponsoring company. We all wish you lcuk for your future plans! in the name of the "Association For The Recovery Of Asthmatic Children"
Miskolc, 2004. January 15.

Eniko Szedlák
President 3501 Miskolc, Szentpéteri kapu 76. GYEK Pulmonogycal Polyclinic
I am 27 years old,   and I have been suffering from allergies since my teenager-hood. Catfur, pollens, hay and of course, the classical wild hemp and other "associates" of this group make me sneeze. Besides, my nose doesn't stay dry during cleaning. For a while now, my eyes are itching summertimes, which is getting more and more unbearable and the treatment with the common eyedrops is getting less effective. Wintertime the situation is much better, most of the symptoms disappear.
My story with the Saltpipe started this summer. We took a holiday to Croatia for two weeks and I was completely symtom-free there. I loved it. I wasn't sneezing in the national parks, I didn't have problems with pollens, not even because of the drought; but when we got home, everything started all over again. That was the first time I thought that salt, or even: salty, humid air was the reason for not having problems. The discovery was followed by an act and I started consciously hunt up products that operate with salt. My first idea was that I'm going to purchase a salt inhaler, however I didn't even know if it exists at all. Then, seeing the prices of inhalers fully disappointed me. Although health is the most important and it is worth a fortune… After, following a long consideration and investigation I chose the Saltpipe, and it WORKED! I've been using it for a week and two days and it passed the first tests with good results already. So far, when I travelled home to my parents to the countyside, sneezing was mone intense and my nose continuously stucked and all this just started to be more and more torturing. From time to time it was inescapable to take medicines when I was at home. This weekend I visited my parents and I spent the whole time without sneezing and nasal discharge. Moreover, my morning-throatache which was constant recently, disappeared, my respiratory tunnels are clean, and I am always able to breathe through my nose. I can't wait to see the next test-season, spring and summer. I'm wondering if the pipe can also handle my eye-itching and sneezing which were pretty unbearable last summer. I truly trust that Saltpipe "will go the distance". The breeze of the sea, this is how I call it. I am grateful for the producers and of course for the mother nature! I will, and already have offered it to everyone I know.

Good luck!
Sincerely yours Noémi Szíjj, Balatonboglár
Dear "Saltpipe-distributor" Company,   I would like to express my gratitude to you for the Saltpipe. I've been suffering from allergies for almost 3 years, particularly in the Indian Summer period and unfortunatelly my symptoms are getting more and more intense. I've read and heard about the Saltpipe from several sources, but I didn't dare to believe in it. So, for these reasons, I didn't buy it. Afterwards, at about the beginning of september I've heard a radio show in Civil Radio where there was a competition for winning one. I was lucky twice. Firstly, because I won the pipe, and secondly because since I'm using it, my symptoms have weakened. I would like to say thanks once more this way for the Saltpipe!

Yours sincerely: Anna Kisházi
Highly appreciated Mr. Imre Békefi,   I would like to say thanks with gratitude and love for the Saltpipe you sent me. God bless you, and your colleagues. Still, there are people with good heart, who helped an old lady living by herself. The application of the Saltpipe is very easy and good, however in the first times it made me spit a lot, because of the process of the laceration but it improves and I bacame symptom-free. I would like to say thanks one more time for your help and I wish good luck, good health and success for the future!

Mezocsát, 2003. September 19.
Sincerely Mrs. Dániel Hatvani
Dear Mr. László Budai,   Hereby I would like to rewiev my experiences in connection with the Saltpipe. Since my children, Gerda and Gábor, are using the Pipe, they easily and more quickly relieve from coughing as before. As a result of their basic illness their breathing muscles are weaker, so the process, which is an easy slight coughing for regular people, for them is a hard job. Gerda is coughing daytime, Gábor at night. Formerly we used bronchia-easer almost every day, but since they use the Saltpipe, thei coughing is more relieved and lasts for a shorter time. It happens that for almost two weeks there is no need for bronchia-easer. We feel that it's a great help. We are grateful for your help truly from our hearts!

Sincerely János Világos
Dear Friends,   After exploring your website I cannot tell you many more news. I am a musician, a singer. The Island (Pepsi Island, Student Festival Island, don't know what it's called nowadays) brought out my usual allergies - there isn't any better than dust mixed with pollens : : : I left the Island on Wednesday - on the last day. I was the the "proud proprietor" of all the symptoms of the "ISLAND DISEASE"(running nose, no voice, lungs first just wet, later bleeding, etc.) …But with a performance of Sunday… My little wife - on Friday - decided to give it a try. I sang trough the concert without problems. I am not coughing and I am not scrapy. I used the Saltpipe for one single day. Those whoever have doubts about it, write me an e-mail: saddie@wicca.hu If there is a miraculous remedy against allergies, it is called: Saltpipe Good luck!

Saddie La Mort Revolution! Singer
Dear Mr. László Budai,   Thank you and for your company for making me possible the condition of being symptom-free from my asthmatic diseases. For 3 years I had to take huge amounts of medicines. These are steroid poisons by what I put on 15 kilograms. I can imagine what harms this kind of treatment causes in the human body in a long term. I saw the advertisement in a newspaper and I looked at the Saltpipe scepticly but at the same time trustfully. Choking is a bad thing to feel! Anything that helps to avoid this kind of condition is a great treasure. Now, that I have purchased the Saltpipe, I immediately put away all the medicines and inhaler sprays. I wanted to convince myself about the genius of the Saltpipe by itself, independently. Ladies and Gentlemen! Get ready for miracles! I can prove my former medical status with documents, issued by my hospital and now I can prove on any forums that with the regular use of the Saltpipe I am completely symptom-free, further more: I DO SPORTS!

Budapest, 06. 02. 2003.
Sincerely Tamás Tomori
Ever since   I've purchased the Saltpipe great changes have occurred in my medical status. Since my childhood I have suffered from cronic upper respiratory disease which could only be treated simptomically by doctors. Asthmatic choking seizures, severe ragweed allergy, constant adenioditis (sore tonsils), with all the symptoms of the flu filled my days. The continuous illness weakened my body and my immune system. It made the adaptation to normal life a hard and constant fight. Being an adult, it caused several conflicts in my job, because of the abscence from work. I'm using the Saltpipe since July 2001, consistently following the rules. In the first period I used it for some hours a day. The outcome for me is unbelievable and amazing. I recovered from my illness, my body and my pressure-bearing abilities strenghtened day by day. As a curiosity I have to mention that the Saltpipe cures the symptoms of the flu, like coughing and also dissolves the crusts. It optimizes breathing, it dissolves the thick secretion in the respiratory tructs without pills. This way it significantly reduces the duration of the sickness and it accelerates recovery. I would like to take the chance and express my gratitude to the inventors and distributors of the Saltpipe, who developed the Saltpipe with several years' of experience behind them and because they delivered this product to me.

Miklós Takács, Budapest 2003. January 28.
I would like to   report my "so far" experiences in connection with the Saltpipe. I purchased my Saltpipe for my 78 year-old mother, who had been suffering from respiratory problems for years due to regular smoking. She couldn't get any rest, not even at night, because of cawing and she woke up many times for the feeling that she has to get rid of the accumulated secretion. Her hearing was also failing due to the secretion that was stucked in her respiratory tructs. In order to relieve her symptoms we tried medicinal treatment, inhalers, but nothing really helped. After one week of use of the Saltpipe - which she uses frequently at daytime for about 10-15 minutes - her nights are relieved, she doesn't wake up through the night and her morningly cawing is not as intense as it was before. You believe it or not, she says that since she is "smoking" the Pipe it seems to her as her hearing is getting better. Her discharge formation during daytime is decreasing. We didn't stay at home on Sunday, this way, she didn't use the pipe. She could sence the absence of it already on Monday, since the accumulating discharge irritated her much more than when using the Pipe. After two weeks of observation I could only state the above mentioned facts, but I am already grateful for the inventors to relieve my mother from many years' of inconvenience, but at least a great part of it.

Warm thanks,
Sincerely Erika Rákos, Budapest
I've been allergic   to ragweed, mugwort and dust for 15 years. The asthmatic seizures occure from August to the end of October even with medicinal treatment. This year I started to use Saltpipe at the beginning of September. Afterwards I slowly quit the inhalers, decreased and finally right before the end of the "season" I fully finished taking pills. I have been permanently using even now. My sneezing, caused by my slight dust allergy is gone. I'm offering the Saltpipe for everyone who is allergic!

Mrs. Andrea Major Nagy
Nagykáta 28. 11. 2002.
I would like   many many people to hear my story about how great help the Saltpipe means to me. I'm using it for about a month now, regularly twice a day, for 20 minutes. 10 years ago, as an intergrowth of a very severe pneumonia, bronchial tube problems arose in my body. Ever since then I have to take Diaphyllin, regularly. Since I am inhaling through the blissful saltcrystals and exhaling it through my nose I could reduce my of medicine-portion. Strange, but my disturbing nose-clogs (snuffles) are fully gone. Last time when I had cold - just recently - the uncomfortable air-thrust didn't show up at all - which however, follows me faithfully for 10 years now. Eventually I have to admit, that when I had cold, I used this amazing tiny little "salt mine" 3-4 times a day. In my opinion, the fact that there is a little instrument, with what you can clean your lungs, and make the inconvenient symptoms of the flu go away much faster, might give a sence of safety for others too.

I wish everyone to be even more healthy!
Mrs. Zsolt Petheo, Budapest
My 13 year-old   daughter has a specific, very fierce allergy. Paints, Pait thinners, deodorants, thick and strong odours cause her suffocation. She was many times near to the throttle oedema. In these cases she was immediately taken from school to the Heim Pál Childrens' Hospital with emergency ambulance. We could get a Saltpipe in June, 2001 with the help of one of our friends, which brought us carefree days. My little girt didn't get into such a serious stage since then, because her suffocations disappeared, thanks to this instrument. Her seizures turn up rarely and they become slighter and more handleable. She says these scary words: "It's stinky in here" less frequently, so we don't have to be on the run and call the ambulance. We just take out the Saltpipe, which we keep with us all the time, and breathing through it, her problems are gone in a minute.

Thanks to you for that!
Mother of Alexandra Széles, Budapest
Our 14 year-old son   has been allergic to every kind of pollens since he was three, particularly the plants blossoming in the late summer period. The Saltpipe, that was purchased on the summer of 2002, completely changed his life. Since then he managed to go through the whole allergy-season without histamine. His hayfever and coughing decreased significantly. The use of the instrument is not time-consuming, he uses it during studying, watching TV and reading. It's a great financial advantage that instead of buying medicines and nasal spray, we only need eye-drops. We hope that the Saltpipe will help us through the next pollen-season too!

Áron Kántor 14 year-old student And his Parents
In 2001   I received one of the exprimental prototypes of the Saltpipe, which I am using since then. I've been allergic for about 8 years now. I used a huge amount of homeopatic substances and even more medicines which didn't provide me with the expected result. Since I am using the Saltpipe I don't have to take pills anymore, my symptoms decreased to a minimum level. This year I used it less frequently, but in the season to the ragweed I kept myself to the instructions that specifies 20 minutes of usag. As a result 15 or 20% of my usual allergies showed up. I am grateful for you for this wonderful little instrument!

Judit Kaspár, Budapest 30 years old
Dear Mr. Békefi and Mr. Budai,   I saw the set - invented and produced by you - in September 2002 on Duna Television in a program called Calendar. You were introduced as the inventors and distributors of a product, the Saltpipe. The information, heard on the show was to my greatest pleasure and I immeditately decided to order one for myself. Allow me to explain in a few sentences why I wass so happy hearing about the Saltpipe. My name is Béla Mudrok. I am 63 years old, live at Tata with my wife in our family home. For many years I've been tortured by the allergic grievances which go together with asthmatic symptoms, coughing and cawing. In case of temperature chande, when getting into my can and turning on the air-conditioning, sneezing an coughing immediately started. After 25 years of not-smoking, I started it again in the last 5 years. I visited several doctors, osteopaths, non-medical practitioners, I did allergy tests. Everything in vain. I received from you the - previously ordered - Saltpipe on the 4th of October in 2002. which I have been using since then on a daily basis. In this short term I have already observed that my morningly occuring cough attacks almost completely ended. The sneezing and coughing symptoms - in the car - decreased with a high degree. I find that the Saltpipe - invented and developed by you - is a wonderful thing. I became so fond of it, that I'm ordering one for my grandson too. He is only 20 years old, but already suffering from pollen-, ragweed-, and dust-allergies for years. Thank you for your hard work that you did while developing the Saltpipe. I think there are many people suffering from the same circumstances that I do - apart from age or sex - and I wish that they get familiar with your product and also get healed.

Yours sincerely Béla Mudrok, Tata
My name is Péter Kern,   I am a 28 year-old entrepreneur. I've been having troubles for 20 years with very intense allergies - which came to light during a medical examination - to different animal hairs (fur), further more to flower pollens. Each year at summertimes for about two months - in other seasons less frequently - I have the symptoms. I was passed a Saltpipe in March, 2002 for testing purposes. I used it for 20 minutes a day, but in different hours. For example in the eveningin front of the computer, daytime during driving, etc. The point is that it was in use 20 minutes daily. When summer came, the regular seizures arrive at all, as a matter of fact, summer went on without symptoms. I could manage the winter season to be fully allergy-less. The Saltpipe evicted my allergies. I've been using it even today with the above mentioned frequency and I can say that - thanks to the Saltpipe - my allergies are gone.

Péter Kern
Dear Ltd. Management,   We have the following opinion about the Saltpipe: - that we were awarded with for winning a drawing contest - our daughhter uses it during watchin telly, she likes to use it, and it expecially effective for coughing. We can say thanks to the Saltpipe for example: for making it possible for us to contuinue watchig a puppet show since our daughter could take the small instrument out of her little purse on the dark auditorium and using it provided her with easy breathing so she didn't disturbed the performance. We are very happy and grateful for being the proprietors of the Saltpipe and at the moment we already have two in the family. Slowly we'll get to the point that everyone will have a Saltpipe, because on the long cold winternights it helps and it works as a medicine completion.

With thanks and greetings: Mom of Tímea Gáspár 25. 03. 2003.
Dear Mr. Békefi,   I'm writing from Pozsony in the name of my friend, Horváth Danica (lung cancer, left lung has been operated out) who was donated with a Saltpipe by you in January 2003. First of all, we would like to thank you for this noble deed, and for the discounts that you offered us in connection with the purchase of the medicines, that we could afford. Here are some words about the success that we experienced until now: (I would like to ask you if sometimes in the future we'll have the opportunity to buy the medicines in Budapest, might we take advantage again to the moderate prices offered by you previously? Thank you for your answer in advance!) Danica's experiences with the Saltpipe: Starting date of application: 15. 01. 2003. Day 1st to 4th : 2x5 minutes of application, intensive coughing from the 3rd day, no snuffles, frequent colourless secretion. Day 5th to 7th : 2x10 minutes of application. From the 6th day bringing up catarrhal discharge repeatedly during coughing, occasionally slight throatache. From the 8th day, the application is 2x20 minutes. The colourless nasal discharge is "running"continously, time by time throat sensitivity which goes away after a short cough. After about 30 days of application catarrhal discharge completely disappeared. Breathing, in general, improved. Beside the Saltpipe, we do permanent vapourising fo eucalipt-oil and we also do breathin exercises on a daily basis.

08. 03. 2003. Alzbeta Podzemna, Pozsony