What is the small rubber valve on the Saltpipe?
The little rubber valve on the top of the Saltpipe is a back-strike valve, which functions when someone does not exhales through the nose, but blows the air back into the pipe; the valve strikes back, blocks the way of air towards the pipe, this way protecting it from humidity and vapour.
What are the different-coloured round parts for on the side of the Saltpipe?
It was designed for the users as a differentiation if there are more Saltpipes within the family.
How long can the Saltpipe be used and it is refillable?
One Saltpipe lasts for 5 years which was calculated for a 15-20 minutes of usage daily. It cannot be refilled, after 5 years we need to replace the pipe.
With what medicines mustn't the Saltpipe be used paralelly?
It can be used with any medicaments, since it only contains natural salt-crystals collected from different salt-caverns.
Can it be used by patients suffering from thyroid gloud malfunctioning?
However it contains iodine, it dissolves during inhaling in such a small amount that it cannot cause harm to these patients.
Can it be used in case of high blood pressure?
Yes, because it evaporates in only miligramms of salt, through the process of inhalation and amount of salt that gets into the body does not affect blood pressure.
Can it be used in case of pregnancy?
Yes, it can be used by everyone, since it contains only pure salt crystals, collected from European salt caverns.
What is the difference between the Saltpipe for adults and the Saltpipe for children?
Both in ingredients and in price they are completely equal, the only difference is the special elephant design which was developed in order to make children use it gladly.
At what age can children start using it?
Our smallest “client” was 2 and a half years old. It could be used by younger ones too, the only important thing is that we have to teach the kids to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. It would be difficult to explain this to children younger than this.
Why do we have to exhale throuth the nose?
Taking the pipe into our mouth we have to inhale throung it, and blow the air out through the nose. (We don’t have to take deep breath, we should breathe with normal intensity), This is very important, because this is the only way that the saltcrystal-mixture can reach the upper respiratory tructs ( maxillary sinus.. ) and that’s how it cleans the whole breathing system.
Can we make an order through mailing?
We can be mailed this instrument with “payment on delivery” with an extra cost of 1150 Fts according to the current rates of the Hungarian Post.
What do we have to protect the Saltpipe from?
We have to protect the Saltpipe from humidity and vapours so it is recommended not to store it in the bathroom or in the kitchen. We should avoid dropping it into water because this way the salt crystals stick together and the instrument gets damaged.
How to clean the instrument?
Only with a wet cloth from the outside with attention to avoid water contamination.